"If you want to be the last one standing, become strong."
That’s right. It’s simple. No matter how challenging it is, there’s only one reason we chase the ball. The ball hasn’t hit the court yet. There’s only one reason we continue fighting. Because we haven’t lost yet!


書問 ハイキューも大好きだから。










Supermom to the rescue. 

That is one badass mom there. Not only does she catch the whole dresser AND each drawer as it comes WHILE putting her leg out to catch her daughters head safely, she makes sure the hot iron is in a stable position so it won’t fall on the shirt OR the baby.

this movie ruined me but i love it so much

Incase there are people who doubt the power of moms. My mom stopped a huge entertainment center from crushing me as a child.

What is this movie?

wolf children don’t ever watch it it will be the death of you

No, you should definitely watch it. It’s cute and lighthearted and nothing bad happens whatsoever.

It’s the tale of two shape shifting children and their human mother who struggles to take care of them alone. Comedy hijinks abound.

I really wanna watch now.

don’t do it


it’s tomorrow <3 YES FINALLY

seeing our bbys in ACTION!

fail edit. idk anymore



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I have to say, I still think Eren Jaegar is stupid. Sure, you can argue he cares, but he still does things without actually fully thinking things through, which makes him, yes, very stupid. He can care all he wants about people, but the fact still remains he’s completely ignorant of what’s going on around him (if he would take the time to just THINK about why people are turning into titans and why those people would attack humans and potentially try to RESOLVE THE ISSUE WITHOUT THE LOSS OF MORE LIVES and/or who the heck that giant ape titan is or why there’s titans in the walls, what the stupid HUMAN GOVERNMENT that he loves so much is hiding, etc) and he’s not even that strong, physically, mentally or emotionally. He threw out 5+ years of friendship immediately with Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie just because he found out who they were instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt. He BLAMES them for the deaths of people, yet fails to realize how many people are dying due to the government he’s so fine with blindly following.

So yeah, I’d say Eren Jaegar is stupid and immature (and about 80% of the time, he IS angry). But, I don’t expect some teenager to actually be all that mature, so it fits, I suppose.

BTW, telling people to go die for disagreeing with an opinion also shows immaturity.

You know, I have someone I’m in love with. Yeah. I’m no good, am I?

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