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Karasuno's Ace EP. 17 // Azumane Asahi

Seriously…what happened?!

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Free! Eternal Summer // Opening.



Coca-Cola 2nd Lives - Video

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this ad. Not only is it promoting recycling, it’s also creating a system where the name ‘coca-cola’ is in even more places without much more cost to the company.

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I did it Mako, I saved the company!

To me, this was the saddest moment in this episode.

Asami was born without bending powers.

Her mother was killed by firebenders.

Her father decided to become an Equalist to avenge her mother, and she had to fight him and put him in jail.

She dated a Firebender, until he broke up with her by cheating on the Avatar.

She’s still friends with both that Firebender and the Avatar.

She is around 17 years old like Korra, But she has no one in her life anymore, was thrusted into managing a company, got screwed over by her partner Varrick, and ended up in the middle of a war she never wanted to be a part of.

And through it all, she hasn’t shown a sign of turning dark.

She is single-handedly the most selfless character in the entire series.

If Asami becomes a villain or tragic fallen hero in the next season, it would be completely justified, because she was -no, she is- treated like garbage.